Prepping Your Home For Sale This Fall

Today’s housing market is different than it was just a few months ago. And if you’re thinking about selling your house, that may leave you wondering what you need to do differently as a result. The answer is simple. Taking the time upfront to prep your house appropriately and create a solid plan can help bring in the greatest return on your investment.

Here are a few simple tips to make sure you maximize the sale of your house this fall.

1. Price It Right

One of the first things buyers will notice is the price of your house. That’s because the price sends a message to home shoppers. Pricing your house too high to begin with could put you at a disadvantage by discouraging buyers from making an offer. On the flip side, pricing your house too low may make buyers worry there’s some underlying issue or something wrong with the home.

Your goal in pricing your house is to gain the attention of prospective buyers and get them to make an offer. And with price growth and buyer demand moderating, as well as a greater supply of homes available for sale, pricing your home appropriately for where the market is today has become more important than ever before.

But how do you know that perfect number? Pricing your house isn’t a guessing game. It takes skill and expertise. Work with a trusted real estate advisor to determine the current market value for your home.

2. Keep It Clean

It may sound simple but keeping your house clean is another key to making sure it gets the attention it deserves. As says in the Home Selling Checklist:

When selling your home, it’s important to keep everything tidy for buyers, and you never know when a buyer is going to want to schedule a last-minute tour.”

Before each buyer visits, assess your space and determine what needs your attention. Wash the dishes, make the beds, and put away any clutter. Doing these simple things can reduce potential distractions for buyers.

For more tips, check out this checklist for preparing your house for sale. Ultimately an agent is your best resource for tailored advice, but this list can help get you started.

3. Help Buyers Feel at Home

Finally, it’s important for buyers to see all the possible ways they can make your house their next home. An easy first step to create this blank canvas is removing personal items, like pictures, awards, and sentimental belongings. It’s also a good idea to remove any excess furniture to help the rooms feel bigger and make sure there’s ample space for touring buyers to stand and look at the layout.

If you’re unsure what should be packed away and what can stay, consult your trusted real estate advisor. Spending the time on this step can pay off in the long run. As a recent article from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) explains:

Staging is the art of preparing a home to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers in your market. The right arrangements can move you into a higher price-point and help buyers fall in love the moment they walk through the door.”

Bottom Line

Selling a house requires prep work and expertise. If you’re looking to sell your house this season, let’s connect so you have advice on how to get it ready to list, how to help it stand out in today’s shifting market, and more.


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Top TIPS for preparing your home for the Market! #5!

Tackle the Bathroom!

Please remove all the toiletries you have on display in your bathroom (nobody wants to see them ;)) Invest in a new set of affordable towels, soap tray and tooth brush holder.  If you need to update the toilet seat, bath mat and shower curtain (be honest with yourself), now is an excellent time!

For any other questions about preparing your home, I would love to help!


Top TIPS for preparing your home for the Market! #4

Make an EXTRA set of Keys!   Prospective Buyers and their Agents will need access to your home, so you will need an extra set of keys to give to your listing Agent.  It is worth the extra time and money to get a set of keys.  Even if you don't normally lock your house, you don't want the potential buyers knowing your home is not locked...  

If you are thinking about Buying or Selling I would love to help!  #williamslakerealestate #Williamslake #susancolgate  


Top TIPS for preparing your home for the Market! #3

Day 3: Get Boxes & Duct Tape!

An important part of the adventure of selling is preparing the house! First impressions are key to capitalizing on a strong value for you investment.  One of the key and important tips is to DE-CLUTTER!  Removing items that are not necassary, removing personal photos and touching up the walls.  Packing up extra toys, books and cleaning out closets.  This will allow the potential purchasers to view the home and be able to see all aspects, in most cases it makes the home feel bigger.  Box it up and store the filled boaxes in a spare room or garage.

If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you. #susancolgate #williamslakerealestate



Top TIPS for preparing your home for the Market! #2


Buyers and Agents are going to ask a lot of Questions!  So start digging out all your paperwork now: Utility bills, tax bills, any renovations and updates, Any warranty documents, any previous surveys or apprasial, and any contract if applicable (rental, security etc.) If your property is a Strata unit or in a Mobile Home Park, all rules and regulations. 

If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you. #susancolgate #williamslakerealestate


Top TIPS for preparing your home for the Market!

Day 1: Change light bulbs and update light fixtures...

It's easy to forget abou the burnt out light bulbs, especially in rooms you don't use very often but it is REALLY important that your home is as bright as possible.  If you have dated light fixtures it might be worth a small investment to update them.  Bright is Better!!!  

If you have any further questions, I would love to hear from you. #susancolgaterealestate #interiorpropertiesrealestate #susancolgate #williamslakerealestate 


Now is the time to LIST!
Now is the time to prepare your home for the Market.  The Williams Lake are has a number of qualified buyers and there is a shortage of listing.  ILet meknow if you would like a FREE MARKET EVALUATION...  Call Susan 250-267-1088